Somerset Court provides services at a single all-inclusive price [1] that you won’t find at other Assisted Living facilities. The services we provide are designed to significantly reduce the burdens of routine daily tasks residents would otherwise have to perform for themselves. Not only do these services help our residents maintain a normal schedule, they create a level of luxury and convenience unmatched by other facilities.   Our services are all-inclusive, at a single rate, which helps you keep your lifestyle affordable and hassle free.

Standard services include 3 meals per day, served Restaurant Style, housekeeping, laundry, garbage disposal, medication administration, a nurse on call 24/7, and trained staff members on site 24/7. We maintain a history of residents' weight, blood pressure and other vitals monthly, or as frequent as their physicians wish. We provide ADL assistance with bathing and simple dressing for our residents as often as they need or request it. Our residents don't need to worry about having to drive somewhere and find parking for a little errand, our transportation program takes this hassle away if residents don't wish to drive. We also provide valet service.

At Somerset Court services are designed to allow our residents the freedom to enjoy their day in our Resort-Style environment.

Somerset Court prides itself on being able to offer a wider range of services than are available at most other Retirement/Assisted Living facilities and at an all-inclusive price. This means you won't experience monthly billings with endless lists of extras! Instead "all-inclusive services" means exactly that - all inclusive! Contact us today if you would like more information about the services we provide.

[1] *Only items you have purchased throughout the month would show on your invoice in addition to your low monthly rate, such as guest meals, light bulbs, toilet paper, incontinence aids, ironing etc…