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Housekeeping Services

Our housekeeping and maintenance staff take great pride in keeping Somerset Court spotless and Maintenance and Housekeeping impeccable-just as you deserve. From the sparkling interiors to the handsomely-landscaped courtyards, it will all be immaculately cared for. Included in the full service package is weekly housekeeping services. We take care of the light housekeeping needs in each apartment, including changing bed linens, light bulbs, etc. As a part of the monthly rental charge we wash, dry, fold, and return one load of laundry per week for each resident. Additional loads of laundry will be done for a small charge upon request. Any resident who wishes to do so may use the free laundry facilities to wash and dry their own laundry.

Transportation Services

Somerset Court offers to its residents a transportation service second to none as part of its basic residency package. It’s perfect for those little errands. Imagine going to the supermarket or shopping mall, and being dropped off and picked up without the worry of parking. Residents have access to transportation for visits to their physician, dentist, or any other medical appointments within our local metropolitan area. Our staff will take residents to and pick them up after their appointments.

Somerset Court also schedules regular trips to shopping areas around town. However, if a resident should need an item “right away” we will try to accommodate their request.

For residents who drive, one of our staff members will, upon request, warm up the car and bring it to the front door. We will then park it for them upon return. If the resident prefers not to go shopping themselves, our Activity Director will act as a “personal shopper” and pick up the items requested and deliver them to the resident’s apartment. Transportation is also available during evening and weekend hours (based upon staff availability) to take you to your favorite ballgame, musical concert, or dance floor. Scheduled transportation to the church of your choice is also available. You’ll love the luxury and convenience of our transportation services.

Personal Services

Somerset Court’s personal services focus on our resident’s physical well being. We encourage everyone to enroll in these services, however, no one is required toPersonal Services participate. Our basic service package includes maintenance of a resident health chart; this includes monthly tracking of weight and blood pressure. For those who wish we will assist in the coordination of ordering and delivery of prescription medications and will maintain a written record of all prescriptions for residents who choose to be assisted with their medications. Along with this, we remind our residents when they should be taking the medications their physician has prescribed. In addition, for those who request, we are happy to stop in to visit or check up on him/her as they wish.

To help ensure the needs of our residents are met we have an emergency call system that allows residents to let staff members know when assistance is needed. At Somerset Court our trained staff is available 24 hours a day.

The services provided at Somerset Court significantly reduce the burdens of routine daily tasks residents would otherwise have to perform for themselves. We are pleased to provide limited personal assistance for our residents, including bathing assistance and supplemental dressing assistance. Although we are not staffed to provide ongoing and/or daily personal care services, we are happy to help coordinate and assist any care support personnel our residents may need for services above the level of care we provide.