Compare our Amenities to Other
Assisted Living Facilities

Today seniors have many options when looking at retirement/assisted living facilities.  We at Somerset Court believe our facilities and the quality of our amenities, services, management, staff and pricing is demonstrably the best in the entire industry. 

Amenities and pricing generally go hand in hand.  We would like to offer two checklists.  One covers AMENITIES and another covers PRICING to help you check out and compare the facilities you visit.

At Somerset Court we use an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING structure.  This is intended to ensure that our residents are not faced with monthly surprises with "add ons" and "extras".  With our All Inclusive Pricing structure you won't ever be surprised.  Our BASE PRICE is our price!

The downloadable Facility Services & Amenity Comparison list is not exhaustive.  However, we believe it lists most services and amenities available and provides an effective means of comparing the services and amenities that are available or that you would expect to be available at a retirement/assisted living facility.

Many, but not all services and amenities, are included in facilities' base pricing.  Our comparison sheet identifies exactly which amenities are included in our base price and the few that are not.

In addition to BASE PRICING and additional service fees, many facilities charge what is often called a community fee.  Some facilities charge this fee as a one time non-refundable fee.  Others charge it monthly.  Community fees range from $500 to $1,200.  While the community fee is generally a one time fee, in some instances facilities charge it monthly.

Use this Comparison Sheet as you visit each of the facilities you are interested in.  It is intended to help you make the best choice of facility for yourself or a loved one.