Compare the Cost of Living at Somerset Court
To the Cost of Living at Home

We would love to have you consider and decide to move into Somerset Court. 

We know the decision to move from your current home to a facility such as ours is a major decision.  We also know the cost of living at a facility such as Somerset Court is a key factor in making such a decision. 

Thus we have put together some tools to assist you as you consider making such an important decision. 

The first tool is a Work Sheet that helps you compare what you spend living where you live, to what it costs to live at Somerset Court.  We would be happy to assist you in completing this comparison form if you would like.  

While cost is a good comparison tool, there are other factors that are important to consider. 

As you fill out the Cost Comparison Form, for example, note how many "bills" you pay each month running your household.  At Somerset Court all the bills you regularly pay whether monthly, quarterly or annually amount to many dozens of bills you pay and check-book balancing you have to do.  At Somerset Court you pay just one bill.  And if you wish we can help you set up "direct payment" from your bank to pay that bill too!  The time and headache of paying bills is handled by us.

At Somerset Court you no longer need to worry about maintenance, repairs or replacement of appliances, heating and cooling systems, housekeeping, grocery shopping, preparing meals, yard work or driving to appoints in inclimate weather.

Medication management, which includes ordering and picking up medications prescribed by your physician, is done by us.  And we track and present your medication as directed by your doctor.  This is just one of the many other services included in your all-inclusive monthly fee at Somerset Court.