Facility Amenities

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We're very proud of our facilities and the amenities we offer.  While our North and South Dakota facilities have many of the same amenities they also have unique ones.

We'd like to highlight just a few of the things we feel are special.  By the way - what we feel is special is what our residents most enjoy.

You'll immediately notice that our dining room is spacious, comfortable and delightfully appointed.  Of course what is most important isn't the room itself but the quality and variety of meals we serve prepared fresh by our professional kitchen staff.

We provide many spaces for residents to use as extensions of their apartments.  They include a business office equipped with computers, printers, scanners and magnification reading equipment.  Cozy themed sitting areas are found throughout our facilities.  Our Chapels are dedicated spaces for use by ministers, pastors and priests, and is in daily use.

Each of our facilities offers an Ice Cream, Coffee, Tea, Juice and Cookie Bar available 24/7 so residents can satisfy their sweet tooth or that of their guests - whenever the urge strikes!

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