Retirement should be just that.  At Somerset Court you are also retired from housekeeping and laundry chores.  Of course if you enjoy doing such tasks, you are certainly free to do them.  However, these services are provided as a part of our all inclusive pricing.  



At Somerset Court our friendly, professional housekeeping staff schedules and cleans your apartment weekly.  In addition, twice a year, staff perform a deep cleaning of your apartment.  This includes moving furniture and shampooing carpet as needed. Your garbage is picked up regularly and taken to the trash for you.


Every week our staff picks up a load of your personal laundry, washes, dries, folds and returns it to your apartment.  They also do the same for your bed linens.  When your linens are returned they make up your bed.

Somerset Court has clean, cheery laundry rooms throughout our facilities.  They are equipped with folding tables, irons and ironing boards for your use.  All our washing machines are equipped with automatic detergent. 

Use of the laundry rooms is at no extra cost to our residents and is available 24/7.