Medication Management

Medications are, for many , a regular task that needs to be undertaken and done so properly.  Remembering dosage and timing can be a major hassle, not to mention remembering if you actually took your medication and when! 

Somerset Court's All Inclusive Pricing includes having our professional Resident Services and nursing staff take the memory work out of your medication management.  We make sure your medications are ordered in a timely manner; and presented to you when they need to be taken, and we keep a record for you.

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When you have a doctor's appointment, we run a copy of what medications have been prescribed along with their dosages and frequencies.  This is particularly important if you are seeing more than one physician.

Somerset Court uses the leading edge, state of the art LTC Solution, LLC's - Management Information Suite to track and manage this important responsibility.  The Medication Administration portion of this program maintains a complete and confidential record of all your personal health history and makes it available to you or your doctor at the click of a button.