Not All Senior Living Facilities Are Alike

At first glance most senior living facilities may appear to be similar.  The buildings and grounds are generally attractive and well-kept.  To be truthful, most facilities have caring and professional staff and offer meals, activities and personal services. 

Before you make a final decision about a retirement/assisted living facility we urge you to look carefully at all the facilities' features, amenities and pricing.  Then...

... and possibly the most important consideration about the community is whether or not you feel comfortable and whether or not it has the feel of home.  Remember this will be your home!

Make sure to take time to visit with current residents - chat with staff in all departments - have several meals at the facility and stop in on a number of occasions at different times of the day and week.  Don't be shy. 

We believe the best places are those that welcome your investigation.  And, most importantly, what you see and hear while checking out facilities will help you make the best choice for your new home.

Resident life

People are the most important ingredient in making where you live home. Be sure to take time to visit with the residents and staff at the facilities that attract your interest. 

Don't hesitate to invite yourself for a meal or two and visit with your table partners.  Chatting with staff and residents will quickly help you determine which facility fits you best.


services & features

When you find a facility where the people and atmosphere feel right then check out the features and services.

Features & services include things such as places to entertain friends and family.  Is there a library, exercise room and exercise programs?  Is a chapel for religious opportunities available?  Are there organized activities and is entertainment regularly available?


Pricing is always important.  Retirement/assisted Living operators price their services one of three ways: 

- All Inclusive Pricing       

- Base Pricing PLUS Points and

- Base Pricing PLUS Time.

When you compare pricing ask management what pricing method they use.  For All Inclusive Pricing ask what is not included. For the other two methods ask what the average monthly Point or Time charges are for their residents.  Don't be hesitant to also ask residents directly.