Opening an Excel File In Google Sheets

      If you have excel downloaded go ahead and double click the file and it will open there!

      If you do not have Microsoft Excel but you have a google account (making one is free) then you can still open the file. 

      First go ahead and download the file and find it (in the bottom left of you browser or your downloads folder most likely).  Then head over to Google Sheets (Click HERE to open in a new tab). Now create a New blank sheet (1) and hit the keys "Ctrl+O"(2-3), click the tab that is labeled "Upload"(4) and drag your file and drop it new the blue rectangle(5). Presto! you have your file.

If that was confusing follow the numbers below with the pictures or give us a call!

step 1.jpg

2. Click on "file" in the top left corner of the document





step 3.jpg

4. Once this screen has popped go to the middle top of the pop up and click on "Upload"





step 5.jpg

6. Nothing to do here! Just watch it upload!





step 7.jpg

Once you are HERE at google sheets (after you have logged in) follow the red circles! 

1. Click to make a new "Blank sheet"




step 2.jpg

3. Click on "Open..." (Or use "Ctrl+O" whichever is easier)





step 4.jpg

5. Now take that file you downloaded that is an .xsls file and drag it to the rectangle that is dashed.






step 6.jpg

7. Now fill out your form starting with your mortgage/rent/or the rent you could be getting from your house if you own it. It will automatically fill in the yearly slot (If you do not) and add it up at the bottom for you!