Somerset Court Dining

EATING - we all do it and we do it every day ... so let's enjoy!

Our all inclusive pricing includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  At Somerset Court you don't just eat you dine!  Our dining rooms are comfortable, bright, and delightfully appointed.  However, that is not what's most important - it's the meals. 

Somerset's dining rooms are full service restaurants.  Whether or not it's breakfast, lunch or dinner you select what YOU want from our extensive menu.  You order what you want and prepared the way you like it. 

Our professional staff take your orders and serve you.  You can begin each dining experience stopping at our extensive soup and salad bar if you like.  Then order the drink or drinks of your choice and finally order from the menu or the chef's daily specials. 

Special dietary needs?  Our staff will see that they are accommodated.

Guests are always welcome and their meals are moderately charged.